What's Your Nature?

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These are but a few raptors at ADK Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington. Pics included here are of a broadwing hawk, merlin, saw whet owl and great horned owl (juvy and adult).

A regular visitor, well one of three, kept my wife and I amused many a day.

Ermine in its winter coat. This one regularly patrolled the area in search of prey. The coat turns brown once spring rolls around.

A rainy day for hiking was the perfect time to see this little amphibian crossing the trail, one of many.

Mid-way up an unnamed slide in Giant Mountain's east cirque, I spotted this small garter snake sunning. It was less than thrilled to see me, however.

The heat and dry weather in the summer of 2012 increased local bear activity. This one was drinking from our sprinkler after taking a short nap. Thanks to my wife Deb for the shot.

Evening in the woods with a barred owl hunting voles. Incredibly 'friendly', barred owls often let people get fairly close without becoming alarmed.

12 hours of full-on winter climbing. What an exciting day! This was actually a dual slide traverse of Gothics; up the Rainbow Slide and down True North Slide on the other side. The link below describes it all with the bonus of placing a group of hikers (members of a forum) on each of the High Peaks on February 23rd, 2013...the second successful year. Red line is for inset reference ONLY; conditions change daily.

Full details at: http://forums.adkhighpeaks.com/showthread.php?t=20716

This was part of a 4 slide route on Dix Mountain on a perfect summer day. This slide was created in 2011 by Tropical Storm Irene and is more of a rock climb than typical slide climb.

More details at: http://forums.adkhighpeaks.com/showthread.php?t=18747

Look for this encounter featured in the January/February issue of Adirondac Magazine!

This was the perfect Adirondack winter climb...cold temps, cobolt blue sky, a trusty partner and a picturesque mountain. Route was about 12 miles with roughly 4,150 feet of elevation gain. The red line is for photo inset reference ONLY, not as a defined route; conditions change by day.

Full details at: http://forums.adkhighpeaks.com/showthread.php?t=20607