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This park in the town of Martinsburg offers camping, a picnic pavilion, and a trail to the falls, which are spectacular. The bedrock is cleaved straight down the middle, allowing the water to pour in from both sides as it works its way down one drop and then another.

My dog and I walked along the edge to view the ice sculptures and to track the quickly flowing water as it dipped and dived under the ledges of snow. The water tumbled down into a gorgeous gorge lined by evergreens dusted with snow.

Using a Wildgame Innovations trail cam (Micro Red 6, Enhanced) in the "back 40" a "coywolf" was spotted at 1926hrs on 24SEP12. Distance to coyote is approximately 10 meters, suggesting an overall size of the animal to be much like a full-grown German Shepard. Based on the size and healthy, full coat the animal is possibly the alpha male for a regional pack, which are most active on clear, cool nights.

Still plenty of snow and ice on Mirror Lake

Warm day! Mid-50's

Hauling wood for sugaring on a beautiful day!

Heritage park on a warm spring-like day!

Hiking in the Adirondacks! At the peak of Iroquois Mountain, looking across toward Mt. Marcy.

Temp about 20 degrees F. Tapping a few maples in anticipation of sap running later this week.