What's Your Nature?

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Streeter Lake has long been a favorite place for me. Whether it's hiking the old Schuler tract with the "potato patch" and the mausoleum , or paddling the lake-I always enjoy ever minute of it. Definitely an overlooked gem, maybe that's a good thing.

Young Loon born in June on Sixth Lake. Doing well with Mother ever vigilante. A really pleasant experience and great to see that it has made it!

Two fawns were nursing on our front lawn! A jogger scared the doe off the fawns, but there they stood licking their lips. (When you zoom in on the photo, you can still see milk on their noses and whiskers.) :)

Quite a crowd gathered on the St. Lawrence campus for the 2017 partial eclipse. Jeff Miller, from the SLU physics department, set up telescopes and provided "eclipse glasses" - specially designed temporary shades that allow the wearer to look at the sun during the eclipse. Others brought homemade pin hole viewers and welding glass to explore different effects.

My first time seeing Pitcher-plants.

Sunny, not so hot, just right...!

This doe was in a perfect spot for a nice picture. It's one of my favorites. Never leave without your camera, you never know what you will see!