Looking for adventure? Mt. Arab, in southern St. Lawrence County, offers spectacular views of the Adirondacks from its summit fire tower. Visit our trails page to learn more about local hiking opportunities.
Farmed and Foraged

No campfire is complete without a few s’mores. S’mores hit the proverbial sweet spot of flavor and entertainment – enjoyed around a crackling campfire with family and friends, the challenge of roasting the perfect marshmallow can keep you occupied for hours.

Just Our Nature

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but what happens when all you really need is a cloud? The Drought of 2016 (sounds more ominous when I capitalize it like that) has really beat up on gardens and landscapes. You know it’s dry when dandelions begin to shrivel up, which is the case in my yard. The problems wrought by the drought are (mostly) obvious, but is there a silver lining anywhere?

maple monitoring In the Schools

For the past two days, I have had the amazing experience of absorbing all things Nature Up North through a teacher workshop on the St. Lawrence University campus. As a local science teacher, I spend a lot of my summer...yes enjoying a well deserved break from the daily grind...but also reflecting on the past school year. I am always brainstorming ways to make science content in the classroom more tangible and relevant to my students.

Farmed and Foraged

In most cases it’s wise to avoid contact from anything that stings, yet nettles are a notable exception.

Just Our Nature

What’s a creative and imaginative way to engage with nature? Build a fairy house! Magic was definitely in the air at our fairy house building workshop this afternoon.

Events Up North

September 23, 2016
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