Fall is a fantastic time for leaf peeping and wildlife viewing. Share photos from your fall adventures as Encounters. You'll be contributing to our growing database of photos and narratives about North Country wildlife, weather, landscapes, and scenery.
Just Our Nature

Ticks stay active even as the temperatures cool in the fall. Paul Hetzler shares new info about tick-borne diseases and ways to avoid them.

Ask a Fairy

Blossom and Thimble are back to answer the rest of your fairy questions. Click to find out what they eat, where they migrate, and who their best friends are in the forest.

Ask a Fairy

Each year a group of migrating group of woodland fairies passes through Canton on its way south for the winter. Woodland fairies know all the North Country plants and animals, and this year they invited us to visit their houses and ask questions about North Country nature.

North Country Voices

Joel Howie, owner of Canton Apples, talked with Nature Up North about the struggles and perks of working on his U-Pick orchard, from fighting pests and blights to building meaningful relationships with returning customers.

Just Our Nature

The leaves are falling and frigid temperatures are just around the corner. North Country animals are busy prepping for the winter months - read on to find out how bears, loons, and painted turtles get by.

Events Up North

October 29, 2016
Mark your calendars: the St. Lawrence Land Trust and North Country naturalist Peter O'Shea will lead a trip to the Tooley Pond Road waterfalls.