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Melissa Burchard, Canton NY

North Country Explorer Melissa Burchard has been getting outside every chance she gets this season, and we've loved seeing every shot she's shared. From wildflowers to courting kingfishers, she's captured the essence of the spring season in the North Country. Thanks Melissa!

We caught up with Melissa last week to see what inspires her to get outside and capture these special moments in nature:

Nature Up North: Where is your favorite place to take pictures in the North Country?               

Melissa Burchard: I enjoy some of the less frequented areas along… Read more ...

Water Chestnut. Courtesy of Michael Figiel of Flickr Creative Commons. Just Our Nature

These days, walking on water is not the big deal it once was. Back a long time ago, it required a miracle, but now all you need is a bad infestation of invasive aquatic plants. Anyone who has viewed a serious case of European watermilfoil, water chestnut, or hydrilla knows that a solid mat of vegetation stretching across a once-open waterway is a barrier to swimming, fishing, and boating.

Just Our Nature

The fairies are coming, the fairies are coming!  Each spring a merry group of fairies migrates through the North Country on their way home for the summer. These aren't just any fairies – these fairies live in the woods, where they spend their days bonding with birds, talking with trees, buzzing with bugs, and getting friendly with fungi. As you might guess, over time they’ve become expert naturalists.

Just Our Nature

Spirits were racing and spring was in the air last Saturday April 15th as excited runners and walkers hit the SLU trails at the second annual Nature Up North - St. Lawrence Land Trust Earth Day 7K in Canton.

Just Our Nature

As far as trees are concerned, the optimal time for pruning in northern NY is from early March until the buds start to open; usually mid-April. And given that early spring is often a pretty enjoyable time to be outdoors, you may tend to concur.

Just Our Nature

It is nice to know Mother Nature hasn’t forgotten how to make snow, but I suspect the recent dump we got was supposed to have been delivered in January. Probably it got held up at the border, or the packing slip got lost and the whole shipment has been sitting on a loading dock somewhere. Here we are a few days from the official start of spring, so maybe if we can find a tracking number we can send it back.

Events Up North

June 29, 2017

Nature Up North and TAUNY invite you to a night of music and fun around the fire! Bring your guitar, your friends, and family for a night of sing/play-along with NCPR's Barb Heller.

July 06, 2017

Join us for our second evening paddle of the summer in Canton.