Spring is an exciting time of year to be outdoors. The landscape awakens and something new is blooming, buzzing, and returning to the North Country every day. Document the arrival of spring by posting your nature observations as Encounters, like this one of Christmas fern fiddleheads from spring 2015.
On the Trail

Few activities bring more joy than watching dogs running around outside – leaping from rocks to logs, splashing in the water, and sniffing out nearby squirrels at the base of every tree they pass. It is impossible not to join, chasing them and throwing sticks for them to retrieve – their tongues hanging out of their smiling faces and tails wagging faster than the wings of a hummingbird.

Garden Variety

Eat them, wear them, use them as medicine. If you can get past the sting, nettles can be extremely versatile.

North Country Voices

In our new North Country Voices series, we interview local residents whose lives intersect with the environment in unique ways. Here we catch up with John Ashley scuba instructor and owner of bluefin diving in Ogdensburg, who has been leading dives on the St. Lawrence River for nearly 20 years.

Just Our Nature

Another regional attraction has just opened, and for the next few weeks you can see the show at innumerable open-air venues across the Northeast. The performance is free, although only matinees are available.

On the Trail

Until recently, my idea of outdoor adventure was something intense – climbing an Adirondack High Peak, embarking on a multi-day canoe trip, or flying down a steep ski slope. That was until I tore my ACL, an injury requiring surgery, crutches, and a minimum recovery time of six months.  While I was initially disappointed, I was heartened to find that St. Lawrence County has an abundance of flat and handicap accessible recreation areas.    

Events Up North

May 28, 2016
Kids, come join us for another adventure as we explore nature in all its facets and glory!! Dress for the weather, wear sneakers (or boots), and prepare to have fun!!
June 4, 2016
Bring your own canoe/kayak, life jackets, and a whistle. Meet at DEC’s middle access road on CR 14. This is 1.6 mi. from Rt. 68 and 2.5 mi. from Rensselaer Falls.
June 9, 2016
Bring your guitar and your friends and family for a campfire sing /play -along jam featuring NCPR’s Barb Heller! Expertise NOT required...just 4 or 5 basic chords will do it.