What's Your Nature?

Become a Nature Up North explorer to share your encounters with wild things and wild places in New York's North Country. Post your wildlife sightings, landscape shots, photos from your outings, and even you organization's events!


Had a pleasant evening time alone with a pair of beavers in the Upper and Lower Lakes WMA area in Canton. The beavers were diving to the pond bottom to pull up what I believe were the tubers of water lily plants and were then munching them while floating on the pond surface. The beavers had absolutely no concerns about my presence and so I was able to take many photos of them. A beautiful sunset enhanced the experience.

We had great weather and great attendance at our Bike Parade on the Remington trail this weekend, the final event of our Trails Series this fall with the Canton Recreation Dept. The Remington trail, a beautiful 3 mile paved loop at the Partridge Run Golf Course outside Canton, is a great spot for biking, birding, and alien encounters - at least it was this week.

Started October with a short walk along the Observation Tower Trail at Indian Creek Nature Center in Canton, NY. This raccoon was up high in a Maple Tree that was just starting to bring its colors out. What was he doing up there? Look closer and you can see he was after the grapes which have grown into the treetops long after the farm is gone. The walked also featured many migrant songbirds including White-crowned Sparrow, warblers, and some very energetic Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

In early October, I came across this really small, young porcupine nibbling at one of the abundant acorns along the trail.

Thought that was awfully big for a beaver:)

Had a great time exploring the Downerville State Forest trails with a friend (and a few pups) this past weekend. The weather continues to be unseasonably warm, but we weren't complaining and the dogs enjoyed splashing around in Harper's Falls. The beech leaves are still hanging on, but most of the others have fallen by now and the open forest was a beautiful sight.

This was the third week of this year's Fall Trails Series, and the group spent a beautiful afternoon exploring the St. Lawrence University Kip Trail. We also talked about the Community Ash Tree Survey - a local effort in response to the arrival of emerald ash borer - and mapped some of the many ash trees on the trail. As a bonus, we spied a porcupine in a large red oak along the way!


A long multi-pitch rock climb up the overhangs and obvious white streak of Mt. Marcy's white scar. Steven St. Pierre and I added this route to Marcy on August 27. 2017. ...another 20 hour day in Panther Gorge, but well worth the effort. Follow the link above for a full report and photographs.

We did a "tour" of the waterfalls for my 21st birthday yesterday. Some of the falls had no trails so there was some bushwhacking but it was still really fun! The views were great.

This is the 5th 6er that I have done. Just like Haystack and Baker I walked right past the summit without even realizing it! The trail up the mountain makes up for the lack of views. You go through a pine forest which goes over a train track and a wooden footbridge. The trail was quite muddy but I went the day after a major rainstorm so that was unavoidable. This was a great trail with lots of chipmunks and quite a few partridges. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bit of a challenge that doesn't mind the lack of views at the top.