What's Your Nature?

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Spotted a Pickerel frog this afternoon while on the Kip Trail. Took a while to ID between a Northern Leopard Frog or a Pickerel frog but it seems more like a Pickerel frog..any thoughts?

Margo gently caught and released this tadpole while kayaking on the Grass River near Taylor Park.

I saw this interesting butterfly in my pollinator garden.  I'm not sure what kind it is but wanted to share its beauty.

Found this baby turtle (I think it's a painted turtle) in my driveway. Moved it so my chickens/cats/dogs wouldn't get him. It was the second one I found (unless it's the same one!)

Adam Crofoot, Allison Rooney, and I walked by an aesthetic crack during June of 2015. Allison and I returned to it yesterday while Adam worked a project across the valley.

Enjoyed a nice walk to Harper's Falls this morning.  Lots of wildflowers!  Too many for one encounter, so I'm posting a second one as well!

Second post of flowers from my lovely hike at Harper's falls this morning.

These flowers caught my attention with their diminutive blue petals and bright yellow centers. What wasn't seen in this picture was that there also seemed to have been pink buds on the same plant that had the blue flowers. They seem to do well in both shady and bright environments.

While walking by Appleton Arena, I noticed this sugar maple covered in tent caterpillars. Upon a closer look, I noticed what seems to be hundreds of caterpillars at the bottom of the tree trunk as well...a little creepy!

While taking a walk around St. Lawrence University's campus on a cloudy afternoon, I came across these beautiful Lilacs. The flowers on the different bushes ranged from deep to light purple. These vibrant flowers made the day a little brighter.